New Site Platform

TL;DR: I got tired of using Wordpress for my websites, and decided to migrate this one to Hugo as guinea pig for the rest.

Eons ago, I wrote my own websites “by hand” (HTML, CSS, Javascript, so on). At some point I began using Movable Type, although they eventually annoyed me for reasons I no longer recall and I converted everything to Wordpress.

A much longer story made shorter: I now use Emacs to write Markdown for Hugo which generates a static website for me. I do not use org-mode because I encountered too much friction in the “workflow” and, for the most part, this works well enough.

There are hiccups. Most involve tracking down whether a problem is caused by Markdown, the Blackfriday renderer, or CSS tweaks, but there haven’t been any major blockers after I gave up on trying to use org-mode. Perhaps some day I will solve that, too.