Many years ago, some close friends abandoned their attempt to describe me and simply summarized me as “Dean”. It is impossible to improve upon that, so hopefully a bit of random biographic jabbering will suffice in this place.

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is solidly (and accurately) INTJ, which is sometimes described as “Systems Builder”, and sometimes “Gregory House with a touch of Dexter Morgan”.

My interests are frustratingly eclectic, however I have spent most of my life, more or less, as a “computer guy”. Computers have been a dominant component of my life since 1982, despite numerous attempts to abandon the habit.

I am the former VP Technical Support at MariaDB Corporation, the result-so-far of a journey that began in 2003 when MySQL AB hired me as a developer and support engineer.

It turns out that the “Mayan” prophecies were true and the old word was utterly destroyed in 2012, when I married the other half of my soul.

I won’t fit into neat little boxes, so save yourself some trouble and don’t try to put me into one.